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Message from the Executive President


Since 1990, Baz Tours took the responsibility to develop the Tourism Systems in the Middle East by introducing the Holiday Ownership in a formula to suit the Middle East traditions & needs.


Royal Holidays was the major modification introduced by Baz by the end of 1996 by applying the Points System. 


Before the end of year 2000, Baz completed building the unique formula which combined the strength elements of both Holiday Ownership & the Points System. It was introduced to the Middle East Market on June 2003 through the commercial name “Sokouk Zamzam”. The product achieved great success by the end of 2006 with total turn over of US$ 900 million approximately.


Sokouk Zamzam was the joint station to go back to the origins since we realized from the first instance that the Holiday Ownership can fit within the Mushaa Ownership Rules which has been created and accurately organized by the Islamic Rules before more than fourteen centuries.

Therefore, the born of BAZ Real Estate Systems Company in the middle of 2006 was to take the mission in alliance with the most effective strength factors in the region.

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Osama Sabbah

Executive President

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